VDW AirDrone - Trailer 2015


VDW AirDrone

This Belgian company has been created by two brothers looking for an amazing challenge in flying camera video strapped under remote controlled helicopters to capture some of the best aerial video without any post-production.
VDW AirDrone is specialized in commercial, sports, entertainment, and any other aerial needs like industrial inspection. The use of remote controlled aerial video equipment such as full professionnal rc multi-rotors provides a cost effective solution for customers of all sizes.


Your Drone for films, reporting, TV commercials,...

Air Films

VDW AirFilms is specialized in creating a product that allows your company to stand out in a world surrounded by media marketing. If your visual sales, marketing, operational or training video needs are destined for TV commercials, websites, YouTube & Vimeo, live shows, or the big screen, we can insure you stand out!

Air Inspections

VDW AirInspections is getting specialized in industrial inspection. Our helicopter takes few secondes to get a high point while a human will take much more time. Due to a very sophisticated navigation and GPS control systems, we can fly close to minus 1m from target. Once again, it’s a cost effective solution to get a very high resolution picture of something you can’t see from the ground. We can also use a thermal infrared camera to see heat leaks to improve the efficiencies of cooling or heating air-conditioning.

Your drone for industrial inspection
Your drone for aerial shooting and orthophotoplan

Air Pictures

VDW AirPictures offers aerial shooting service for particular and especially for property agencies. Our camera has a resolution of 24.000.000 pix full controlled from the ground. Therefore you will get a perfect picture of your house as you probably never saw it.

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