Air Films


Our drone

Our 8-rotor design lifts the weight more efficiently than single-rotor design, resulting in increased stability, and the possibility of lifting heavier payloads up to 5kgs. Our specially designed aircraft operate at low noise levels and are capable of flying at altitudes up to 200 meters. Unlike traditional helicopters or fixed wing aircraft we are able to get within minus 5 metres of the action. Coupled with our specially video camera systems we are capable of capturing the highest resolution images to meet all your cinematography needs.

Computerized flight

Using an array of sensors including GPS, barometric, and 3-axis gyros, our drone are further stabilized using an advanced computerized flight to make sure your shots come out smooth and sharp. With the ability to hold position and/or altitude at any point in the sky, you’ll be sure to capture the action from the precise angle you imagined.

Gyrostablized nacelle

Keep the camera locked on target. Our 3-axis stabilized camera gimbal allows for 360˚ yaw, 100˚ pitch, and 70˚ of roll. You are left with complete camera control, clear of obstructions.

Full HD & Red Epic

Operating the latest technology and most sophisticated aircraft & camera systems we deliver the highest quality and best value UAV services available.

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