Air Inspections

AirInspections - Air Inspection by professional drone


Visual inspection can be carried out more efficiently; giving crew and engineers effective support and assistance in loss of power situations. The saving of valuable man hours and time increases the efficiency of resources and means that power or services can be restored faster in critical situations.

Close proximity

Close visual inspection of alternative energy facilities such as wind turbines, hydro electric dams and nuclear facilities can be carried out quickly and effectively – and can also be carried out without any interruption to operations. Our drones are capable of close inspection of a number of locations within close proximity more quickly than conventional methods.

Hazardous situation

Areas of difficult or hazardous access can be inspected or surveys. Additional sensory equipment can detect the presence of a wide range of harmful gases including H2s gas and carbon monoxide. Heat loss of structures can be detected using thermal imaging and flare stacks can be inspected; all cutting down the risk of down time and injury to personnel.

Large structures

Inspections of large structures such as bridges and dams can be carried out considerably faster than conventional methods by the use of unmanned helicopters. Areas requiring attention or further investigation can be identified and pinpointed accurately and the necessary action taken and implemented sooner.

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