Videos shooting over racetrack in Milan​o, Italy​. Th​is​ video is focusing differences​ grip and breaking​ skills between one car fitted with new suspension and the other car with old one. Both cars were precisely running at 60km/h.

Les Ardentes

These HD images have been transmitted to the ground in live as you can see on both big screens positioned alongside of the stage. ​After one year of developing, we are proud to be the first drone company in the world to have transmitted full HD videos in live.


Aerial views of motorway bridge after having a huge reconditioning. Franki Construct – Boirs, Belgium.


Teaser of mixed ground and aerial views about hockey promotion for a sport store chain well known as DECATHLON.

Over Water

Flying views test over water in order to prepare shooting in Bolivia with the team of Panoramique Terre Production.​ Indeed, 6 days of aerial video shooting have been planned over Titicaca and around in order to supply a documentary movie.

Para – Annecy

Flying views at departing launch of paragliding at +/- 30km up to the north of Annecy. These images are also used in the trailer of that famous paragliding club.